"The Future is in Your Hands"



Students are instructed on their legal rights and responsibilities, with a focus on both the substance and the process of our legal system and reflects many social and ethical issues.  Students will gain an understanding of the areas below:

  1. Ethics and criminal law 
  2. Problems in society 
  3. The Law of Torts 
  4. A Dual Court System 



The rapid growth of technology, the data explosion and the expanded use of computers in the work place, schools, and home have greatly increased the need for keyboarding skills. Everyone is directly or indirectly influenced by computers. The person who can keyboard effectively will have an advantage both occupationally and personally in adjusting to the age of computers.  Instructors will emphasize the development of proficiency and confidence in the use of the microcomputer as a modem instrument essential in business, practical in the home, and expedient in education. The ability to keyboard business and personal documents on a microcomputer will provide the student with a basic tool to improve his/her daily life, and is used in nearly every kind of business occupation. Keyboarding is designed to teach microcomputer keyboarding, formatting, and proper keyboarding technique. Keyboarding is recognized as an essential communication skill second only to handwriting in carrying out written communication.