College Coaching Team!  (In Person or Online via Skype)

College admissions has become increasingly more competitive over the years so it's important to present your college application package in the strongest way possible.  Our college coaching team has over 30 cumulative years of experience and has helped hundreds of students get into their first choice colleges.  At our office you will have the unique opportunity to work with a team of experts (rather than just one individual) each of whom utilizes their expertise in the areas of college placement/research, networking, and drafting.  


We research current admissions trends and visit numerous college campuses each year, speaking with many admissions representatives.  Because we know the nuances of college admissions standards we can help you put together a strong comprehensive application package.  

Full Package or Hourly Rates Available

The Full Package option provides students with an extensive 20 page booklet of pertinent information, as well as an information spreadsheet of up to 20 select colleges.​     

This service also includes:

  • Assessment & planning

  • Creation of organized timelines

  • Essay and rsum preparation

  • Completing and submitting all applications

  • Interview preparation

  • What to do when your application is deferred or wait-listed

Financial Aid Expert

To combat the dramatic increases in college tuition, Academic Excellence Center, LLC will pair you with a College Financial Aid Advisor who has worked with hundreds of families to reduce out of pocket college costs in addition to having worked with divorce and separation mediators to obtain additional financial aid concerning custodial and non custodial parent issues.

In order to gain and maximize financial aid opportunities, students are advised to begin the financial aid process during their junior year and to assist in this regard they offer a Free Family Informational Meeting!

Services package includes, but is not limited to:

  • Helping to select competing colleges that provide ample financial aid, from the historical perspective, and enacting strategies that will accurately present the family financial aid histories.  In addition, providing exact information concerning little known, favorable rules for divorced/separated individuals that ensure significantly higher awards from the colleges!

  • Completing the "Free Application for Federal Student Aid" (FAFSA) or the "Renewal Free Application for Federal Student Aid" (RFAFSA).

  • Completing the "Profile Application" (if required) from the College Scholarship Service.

  • Completing the respective colleges' own financial forms, or "Institutional Form".

  • ​Reviewing/revising the "Federal Student Aid Report" (FSAR) utilizing completed tax returns and W2's.

  • Negotiation and interpretation of awards made by the colleges, increasing the gift aid components, and decreasing the amount of self-help--or loans.

  • Guiding the family in what to say or NOT to say to financial departments at the various colleges.

  • Providing critical information concerning the best ways to pay for the remaining college tuition by utilizing the best and most economically viable financing options.​​

College Preparation

"The Future is in Your Hands"