"The Future is in Your Hands"


Mother-Daughter "Connections ©" Reading Group Grades 6-8

WHAT: Mothers of middle school girls know this is a critical stage in your relationship with your daughter.  What can you do to ensure she will be prepared to face challenges that come during adolescence/teenage years? How can you strengthen the mother-daughter bond and develop a future relationship of respect & friendship?

“CONNECTIONS” is a program designed for girls in grades 6-8, and their mothers.  The purpose is to enable daughters to thrive through adolescence and teen years by keeping a close and connected relationship with their mothers. The group will be facilitated by a licensed teacher (MAT) and certified professional coach (CPC) with 25 years of experience in providing useful strategies for coping with the vast array of challenges in today’s society.   Small groups of 4-7 mother/daughter pairs interact in engaging discussions with correlated readings designed to prepare them for the transitions of life.  A variety of topics will be covered (based upon participant demand) including but not limited to:  peer pressure, positive body image, safety with technology, effective communication, increasing responsibility, peacemaking strategies, depression and creating confidence.

​By sharing a love for reading, engaging in developmentally appropriate activities and finding methods of keeping communication open through adolescence and teen years; mothers are helping their daughters to thrive.  Potential readings (ranging from the classics to modern authors) will be determined by the participants and may include selections such as:  

- The Mother Daughter Book Club, Heather Frederick
- Stargirl, Jerry Spinelli
- Out of my Mind, Draper
- If I Stay, Gayle Forman
- Diary of a Young Girl, Anne Frank
- The Joy Luck Club, Tan
- The Hundred Dresses, Estes
- The Secret Language of Girls, Bonell


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Yoga for Focus, Well Being and Fun! Grades 3-8

WHAT: This is Beginner Level Yoga class is specifically designed for students in grades 3-8 who desire to increase their focus and attention.  Our Certified Yoga Alliance Instructor and Professional Coach will guide students through simple yoga practice including basic physical postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayama), and guided meditations (savasana).  Each class will conclude with individual goal setting and a weekly action plan to help students improve in specific areas.

Scientific studies have proven that children trained in yoga showed greater improvement in areas of attention and hyperactivity, as well as homework compliance.  The cognitive benefits of regular yoga practice include:  improved focus, increased mindfulness, a “quieting of the mind”, decreased impulsivity, increased self-awareness / awareness of others and a better connection of mind, body and spirit.  In addition, students will see many physical benefits which will include:  increased strength and flexibility, balanced metabolism, increased respiration and a positive energy level.


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